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Chabba Youth

Big Youth

M. Gordon

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Soferno B

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Destiny Sound system

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Chabba Youth


The man with 3 lives

Producers Chabba Linked

  • King Tubby
  • Henry Lawes
  • Jo Jo Hookim
  • Bobby Digital
  • Sly & Robbie

Al Campbell and me were very close. No selector in England could play Al's selections like Chabba Youth. Rainy Days, Feed Back, You Jamming, Late Night Blues, etc. Too much to mention. Nuff soundboy feel it and it was the same with Sugar Minott.

Sugar Minott, my long time friend. He is greatly missed and always respected what I did to help his career take off in England from the 70's. He is also the Godfather to my second son Shamar.

Chabba was one of the first selector to play Barrington Levy. When Henry"Junjo" Lawes came to London as a new producer, he had eight Barrington Levy tracks on his 2inch reel tape. He was introduced to me by Al Campbell. Mikey Koos and Macka can testify to this.

Tenor Saw was introduced to me by Sugar Minott. I Chabba was the first to bring a selection of Tenor Saw tracks to England given to me by Sugar Minott in 1984/1985. Several big soundman told me that he was nothing special untilhe bust big. Chabba spot talent first again.

Destiny's Original Crew

Owner/Selector: Chabba Mello
DJs/Singers: Kulcha Knox, Bimbo, Everton Blender, Daddy Meeky and Little Meeky, Tony Rebel, Uton Green, Bionic, Joker Irie.

Chabba's close friends

Anthony Red Rose, Chaka Demus, Clement Irie, Danny Dread, Early B, Frankie Wilmot, General Trees, Hugh Griffiths, Junior Reid, King Everal, Lady G, Little John, Little Kirk, Papa San, Shabba Ranks, Super Black, Tiger, Tonto Irie, Junior Delgado, Nitty Gritty, Pad Anthony.

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From one extreme to another

True and undying love, Family loyalty, motivation, patience, perseveranceand tenacity, courage, respectability and responsibility, inspiration and faith.

These are some of the personal character traits you will observe, admire and learn from this truly revealing and enlightening book, From One Extreme to Another, by Michael Gordon (also known by many as Big Youth, Chabba and, in more recent times, as Brother Michael or now Minister Gordon). It shows how a charismatic young man, with natural intelligence, ability and focus, overcame various obstacles, temptations and diverse circumstances such as racism, crippling illness and near death experiences, greed, envy, violence, murder, drugs and the perils of smuggling, to legitimately carve for himself and his family a desirable lifestyle. This book, From One Extreme to Another, could be described as an autobiography, but it is surely much more. It starts off historically, telling what it was like living in one of London’s most famous inner city areas, Brixton, during the 1960’s to the early 1980’s. There is then a most accurate and in-depth revelation of the world of, what was then possibly

he greatest outlet for the African-Caribbean community – the musical sound system. This information comes not from a research point of view, but direct from a man who has successfully lived it to the fullness, not only in London but also for several years in the capital of the Reggae music business, Jamaica. The story finally returns to England, where life becomes a roller coaster ride ofheartbreak, mental torment, loss of wealth, and a life-threatening illness, but also the joy of divine miracles. It concludes with what the author describes as the greatest accomplishment of his life - his conversion to become a Born Again Christian and a minister, accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. Truly, this is a book everyone should read. You will find much to connect with and be inspired by. God Bless.

  • Format: Paperback / 210 pages
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Tamare House Publishers
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 1,1 x 21,6 cm
  • ISBN-10: 1908552271
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908552273

Price: £8.99 / $13.99 /10,50€

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Dvd history


A trip down in memory lane

A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE will draw you into the uncommon story of Michael Gordon aka Chabba Youth. From Brixton to Mandeville in Jamaica, he left his mark on the sound system business, which back then was the only outlet for Jamaican Music.
Chabba gives us a guided tour through Brixton, an opportunity to reminisce and share the stories of the past.


Directed by:
Nicolas Derouet

53 Minutes
+ Bonus: 'Pass the Dutchie'

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Big Youth Records

Discography 12inch

From 1979 to 1983

You Know You Want To Be Loved
You Know You Want To Be Dub

Artist: Al Campbell / Al All Stars
Matrix #: BY 001 A / BY 001 B
Producer: M. Gordon

Give Thanks And Praise
So In Love

Credits: Al Campbell / Adapted
Artist: Al Campbell & Wreckles Breed
Matrix #: BY 002 B / BY - 002 A
Producer: M. Gordon

You're Liar
Combination Two

Artist: Al Campbell & Chabba Youth / Wreckless Breed
Matrix #: BY 003 A / BY 003 B
Producer: M. Gordon

Good Man Down
Please Don't Walk Away

Credits: Ray Simpson
Artist: Ray 'Wreckless' Simpson
Matrix #: BY - 004 A / BY - 004 B
Producer: M. & D.

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Chabba Anthem's

Dubplates rarities
Feed Back ~ Al Campbell

Killer tune produced by Al Campbell in 1981. Dub mixed by Scientist.

War ~ Wailing Souls

Tuff Channel One production from 1978. Exclusive dub mix!

Jah Jah Love ~ S.Minott

The great Sugar Minott at Channel One! Produced around 1983!

Wisdom ~ Dennis Brown

Unreleased Joe Gibbs production. 'First played by Chabba when he was selecting on Soferno B

Weedfields ~ Desi Roots

Famous ganja track produced in 1980. Different mix from the Hawkeye release.

I Love Sweet Jah Jah ~ Barry Brown

Black Roots' productions. One among the different mixes that Chabba used to play!

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